other stuffapple and pear compote
apple and pear compotethe apples and pears hold their texture well in this compote. i was a little nervous about the apple cider vinegar but it really gives this a complex flavor. i had to substitute apple juice for apple cider but adding some spices made it very similar.  Read More
egg salad sandwiches
egg salad sandwichesi love egg salad but i am not a fan of egg yolks and i believe mustard makes egg salad - so there is lots in here. the lemon brightens it all up. Read More
my favorite recipes of 2009
my favorite recipes of 2009here are 16 of my favorite recipes from 2009. i am pretty sure i could have easily chosen them all, but here are the top recipes in my book. in no particular order... Read More
my favs of 2008
personally - i am really glad 2008 is over. way too many ups and downs for my liking. i am really hoping 2009 has more ups than downs.

one of the ups was this website. thank you all for your support and kind comments. i really love the pickycook and such fun baking and cooking. i thought it would be fun to try to pick my favorite recipes of 2008. Read More
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