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appetizers and snackscheesy baked artichoke dip
cheesy baked artichoke dipi have tried several recipes for artichoke dip that really sucked. too dry - to heavy - not enough flavor - i have covered them all. but this recipe is the last artichoke dip recipe i will ever need. it is similar to the Loring recipe - dare i say - it might be even better.

the combination of the sour cream and the mayo make for a wonderfully creamy but not too heavy filling and the crisp baked cheese on top with the paprika is smoky and lovely. the best part is you can reheat it the next day and it is just as good. Read More
breadmonkey bread
monkey breadi wasn't sure that to think of monkey bread - honestly i had never of it before and because there were no photographs with the recipe i wasn't sure what to expect. it is one of my favorite things i have ever made! i have since seen other monkey bread recipes that use pre-made dough - don't do this! spend the time to make this dough. it is buttery and perfect. i don't think i even need to address rolling the dough in cinnamon, sugar and butter as that is never a bad thing and the simple glaze is the perfect "frosting" for the bread. it is amazing - you need to make this monkey bread. Read More
parmesan pull-apart rolls
parmesan pull-apart rolls when i went to check on my parmesan pull-aparts halfway through the baking time- i opened the oven door a crack and was nearly knocked over by the incredible smell. i wish there was a way to make a scratch-n-sniff sticker to put on this recipe. the yeast and the parmesan - oh dear - it was incredible.

the results were equally as divine. the smell was amazing - the texture was perfect - and the thin layer of crust was perfect. Read More
soft pretzels
soft pretzelsi am a bit at a loss for words to describe these little chubby soft pretzels. amazing ... wonderful ... perfect ...heavenly ... they all kind of work but don't quite encompass how completely ridiculous these little guys are. yea they take some time and love but my god are they astonishing! the outside gets crispy and brown and the inside is perfectly chewy. i will never be able to eat another ball park pretzel again. these are in a whole other league. Read More
breakfast and brunchcinnamon rolls with vanilla cream cheese frosting
cinnamon rolls with vanilla cream cheese frostingi don't even want to hear about how long these cinnamon rolls take to make ... THEY ARE SOOO WORTH IT! Read More
lemon poppy seed muffins with lemon glaze
lemon poppy seed muffins with lemon glazethese muffins are spring in a muffin cup! i increased the amount of lemon zest and the intensity was perfect. the tiny little specks of blue from the poppy seeds and the vivid yellow flecks of lemon zest are too much to handle - so pretty. These lemon poppy seed muffins are incredibly moist and the lemon glaze is the right amount of sweetness to top them off. Read More
lemon poppy seed pancakes
 lemon poppy seed pancakesif you have read picky cook for any amount of time you will know my love of lemon. i know it may seem like a lot of zest in this recipe but trust me - it is perfect. the lemon flavor is strong but not over powering. the poppy seeds are like little surprising pops in your mouth. the pancakes are moist and thick - just the way i like them. i served these lemon poppy seed pancakes with macerated berries (any mix of berries would work). just add a bit of sugar to the berries and let them sit at room temp while you make the pancakes. Read More
raspberry white chocolate scones
raspberry white chocolate sconesi decided this year i would make all my christmas presents. i made these for my brother's fiance. i used more berries than the recipe called for. they seemed fine when they went into the oven - i would even argue they looked damn good. i checked on them halfway through time - and oh my - it was not good. because i used too many berries - they started to "slide" over and just didn't look that great. even though they didn't look perfect - they tasted wonderful (thank god). alex now refers to these scones as "busted scones" - so without further ado - i give you busted scones a la picky cook. Read More
dessertberry marscapone cupcakes
 berry mascarpone cupcakesthese cupcakes are a crowd pleaser. they are simple, perfectly moist and so good. i added some sugar decorations to the tops to pretty them up even more. Read More
caramel peanut topped brownie cake
caramel peanut topped brownie cakeif you like chocolate, peanuts and caramel this is the cake for you Read More
chocolate raspberry layer cake with chocolate ganache frosting
chocolate raspberry layer cake with chocolate ganache frostinglayer cakes are a bit time consuming but oh my this one is worth it! the chocolate cake is so moist and it really tastes like chocolate. the raspberry filling is pucker-up tart which is perfect between the cake layers. it really does help cut the sweetness. it seeps into the cake layers so the chocolate and raspberry flavor become unified. i also loved the ganache frosting - it is a light layer of chocolate that is tasty but most of all it is beautiful. Read More
lemon curd desserts
lemon curd dessertsthis is perhaps the most perfect lemon curd recipe ever! the lemon flavor is intense and the texture is perfect. i have used it in so many ways and they are all wonderful. you can spread it on scones, make little tartlets and put a raspberry or blueberry in the middle, bake off a shortbread crust and best of all - just eat it plain.
 Read More
sprinkles strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting
 sprinkles' strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frostingi have heard about the great Sprinkles' cupcakes but have never actually had one myself - but if they are anything like this recipe - i might have to move that trip higher up on my list. the strawberry flavor of these cupcakes is vivid and fresh. i am glad i upped the vanilla a bit and the addition of lemon zest gave them a nice brightness. i hope you enjoy.... Read More
vanilla pudding
vanilla puddingthis is the best vanilla pudding i have ever eaten - i am not kidding! i serve it with shaved chocolate on the top. espresso flavored chocolate is killer on top. Read More
pastaorzo with roasted vegetables
orzo with roasted vegetablesthis is another lovely pasta dish adpated from the great one (ina garten). the orzo goes nicely with the roasted vegetables - it is small enough to not get in the way of the vegetables - but does a nice job of providing some substance to the dish. the bright lemon vinaigrette pulls the vegetables and orzo together. i totally forgot the pine nuts but the feta was a nice bite on top of the dish.
penne with 5 cheeses
this pasta dish of Ina's is to die for. it is a creamy and cheesy adult style macaroni and cheese with the volume turned up. the combination of all the cheeses give it an incredible flavor - and whatever you do - DO NOT skip the smoked mozzarella.
 Read More
tortellini pasta salad with tomatoes olives mozzarella and carrots
tortellini pasta salad with tomatoes olives mozzarella and carrotsi make all different kinds of pasta salad - the variations are endless really. the one constant is the warm lemon vinaigrette. it is the best thing since sliced bread - no joke. something magical happens to a vinaigrette when warmed. all the flavors are a bit more available and bright. it seems to penetrate the tomatoes, carrot, olives, mozzarella and pasta more than a cold vinaigrette. don't believe me - TRY IT! you will not be disappointed. Read More
vodka penne - penne alla vodka
vodka penne / penne alla vodkathis is a perfect dish for entertaining. it is not that involved and doesn't create a huge mess. and besides - who doesn't love pasta! i usually serve it with some good crusty bread and a salad of mixed greens with a red wine vinaigrette.

the smoky flavor that the vodka gives to the sauce is a delight. it takes an otherwise boring marinara sauce and brings it to the next level. lots of garlic and other spices make it intensely flavorful. the cream and the butter make the sauce so silky and gives it some structure. taking the pasta out of the water before it is all the way cooked and letting it finish in the sauce really lets the sauce penetrate the noodles. one of the best parts - it is even better than the next day. Read More
soup and saladroasted potato leek soup
roasted potato leek soupthe roasting of the potatoes and leeks adds a depth of flavor that is incredible. i added garlic to the recipe because potatoes and garlic go together in my world. when i first read the recipe the arugula puzzled me a bit but it adds a peppery flavor that is well matched with the soup. the creme fraiche adds a creamy quality to the soup that makes it like velvet. ina recommends serving it with crispy shallots and they are incredible. i did not believe that they would really take 40 minutes to make, but they really do. i have served it with and without them - both ways are wonderful. Read More
spicy vegetable barley soup
spicy vegetable barley soupthis soup is probably my most requested meal - it is near perfect. there are a couple secrets that make this soup so amazing...paprika, sundried tomato paste, and the lemon juice at the end. this is not your typical boring vegetable soup .... it is the best vegetable soup you will ever eat. i could eat it everyday! i have served it for dinner with a salad, or alone for lunch. Read More

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