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brownie roll-out cookies
 brownie roll-out cookies these cookies are amazing! the are moist just like a brownie - but still has the essence of a sugar cookie. i decided to add some instant espresso powder to the dough and it was wonderful - it enhanced the chocolate flavor while not overwhelming. i would definitely recommend this addition. i would make these cookies over and over again. alex is still talking about them.
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carrot cake sandwich cookies with cream cheese frosting filling
carrot cake sandwich cookies with cream cheese frosting fillingthese carrot cake cookies almost converted me from a pumpkin lover to a carrot cake lover. yes, they are that good. the cookie itself is soft and moist - yet strong enough to hold up as a sandwich cookie. i added more spice to the mix because that is how i roll. i think it is a major improvement over the original recipe. i usually could leave the frosting out of the equation but in this case - the frosting makes these cookies. the cookie itself is not very sweet and the creamy sweetness of the cream cheese frosting balances out the cookie with the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment the spices in the cookie. these carrot cake cookies would be the perfect picnic or backyard barbecue dessert. Read More
chocolate white chocolate biscotti
chocolate white chocolate biscottithese biscotti came dangerously close to what i wanted. the chocolate flavor was intense - the white chocolate chunks added some good texture - but the raspberry flavor didn't come through as much as i had hoped. the addition of the espresso powder was good- it really enhanced the chocolate. all in all - these biscotti are amazing - and so close to what i hoped they would be.

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chunky peanut butter cookies
chunky peanut butter cookiesi had a crazy craving for peanut butter cookies - but there is a catch, they must contain actual peanuts.  Read More
crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies
crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookiesthese cookies are INCREDIBLE! i am not exaggerating - they are perfection. the crispy cookie and the white chocolate would be amazing on their own but the addition of the sea salt - oh my! the salty crunch on top makes these cookies one of the best i have ever made.Session data
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flourless monster cookies
flourless monster cookiesthese cookies were a highlight of the last couple weeks. i made them twice this month. yes - twice - and i am not ashamed to admit that.

they are amazing - quite possibly the greatest and most wonderful cookies i have ever baked. there is something for everyone. there is no flour so that makes "flour haters" happy. there are peanut butter chips and chunky peanut butter - but wait it gets better - there is chocolate too! there are oats for the "good for you" crowd and toffee bits because my honey loves toffee. these monster cookies are thick & chewy perfection. seriously - greatest cookies ever. Read More
jam thumbprint cookies
jam thumbprint cookiesas i was paging through the December 2008 issue of gourmet and i came across an ad..."only at gourmet.com - gourmet's favorite cookies: 1941-2008 - the most amazing recipe from each year".
the coolest part about the feature is that they have them exactly as they were printed. the ones from the 40's are in one paragraph. no list of ingredients - no separate instructions - just one chunk of text. as annoying as it was when i was making the cookies - it was kinda cool at the same time.
i choose to start with the "jelly centers" as they called them. i call them jam thumbprints because that is how i have always known them. i have always enjoyed these and had to try the best cookie of 1948 had to offer. Read More
lemon ricotta cookies with lemon glaze
lemon ricotta cookies with lemon glazecalling these cookies is a little deceiving. they are more like little cake cookies. they have a crumb like a cake but they are the shape of a cookie. the lemon flavor needed to be punched up so i doubled the amount of zest and i am really glad i did. the lemon flavor was bright and vivid as it should be since it is really the only flavor in these cookies. there is no ricotta flavor rather it - i believe - is what creates the fabulous moist texture. the glaze adds the perfect amount of sweetness and is definitely needed because the cookies alone are not sweet enough. Read More
malted chocolate covered espresso bean cookies
malted chocolate covered espresso bean cookiesthese are very unique and interesting cookies. i made gale's malted chocolate chip cookies and absolutely loved them. i decided to try an alternate version of the cookies using chocolate covered espresso beans. i really loved this version - even more than the original version!
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oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
oatmeal chocolate chip cookiesthis is my staple cookie recipe. whenever cookies are needed - this is the go to recipe. these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are perfectly chewy and flavorful. the best part is how versitile they are - you can change-up the ingredients on a whim.  Read More
pecan shortbread
pecan shortbreadthese cookies remind me of my childhood. we rarely had "sweets" in the house but every once in awhile we had pecan sandies. i loved those darn things and this recipe is wonderful. they are perfectly buttery and the almond extract is there but not overwhelming. i reduced the amount because i think it has a tendency to overpower. i upped the vanilla extract so they evened out. Read More

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