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angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream icing
angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream icing it is hard to find the correct words to describe the texture of homemade angel food cake vs store bought. it is a lightly spongy texture. it is more delicate than any i have purchased. it is also more white - it really does look like a cloud. the light vanilla flavor is present but not overwhelming. i am glad i chose this icing. it was light and had good chocolate flavor. the berries gave a bit of sweetness that made this a perfect dessert in my opinion. Read More
blood orange yogurt cake
blood orange yogurt cakethis cake is incredibly moist. the blood orange zest is not as potent as regular orange zest - so if you want a more potent flavor i would recommend adding the zest of a regular orange to the mix. i happened to like the more delicate flavor of the blood orange zest. the syrup adds a bit of sweetness and moisture to the cake and the glaze - well - its gorgeous. Read More
caramel peanut topped brownie cake
caramel peanut topped brownie cakeif you like chocolate, peanuts and caramel this is the cake for you Read More
chocolate raspberry layer cake with chocolate ganache frosting
chocolate raspberry layer cake with chocolate ganache frostinglayer cakes are a bit time consuming but oh my this one is worth it! the chocolate cake is so moist and it really tastes like chocolate. the raspberry filling is pucker-up tart which is perfect between the cake layers. it really does help cut the sweetness. it seeps into the cake layers so the chocolate and raspberry flavor become unified. i also loved the ganache frosting - it is a light layer of chocolate that is tasty but most of all it is beautiful. Read More
grapefruit yogurt cake
grapefruit yogurt cake i eat grapefruits (when the are in season) like they are going out of style. to me they are the perfect amount of tart and sweet. a while ago i made ina's lemon yogurt cake. it was delicious as usual. we had been getting a lot of blood oranges at the time and i thought that would be pretty killer to sub in for the lemons with a few adjustments. haven't tried it yet - but it is on the list. then i saw smitten kitchen did a grapefruit yogurt cake based on ina's recipe. needless to say - it had to
 Read More
madeleineswhenever i see madeleines - i buy them. i bought a madeleine pan and was terrified to make them. surprisingly - they are really easy. Read More
molten chocolate cakes with raspberry coulis
molten chocolate cakes with raspberry coulisthis molten chocolate cake is everything you would expect it to be and then some. as i usually do, i added espresso powder to enhanced the chocolate flavor. it never fails, it ALWAYS makes chocolate better. when you open the cake up the molten chocolate pours out and mixes with the raspberry sauce - it is amazing. the best part is you can make these ahead of time - keep them in the fridge - and bake right before serving. tastes amazing and convient - what more could you ask for? Read More
pumpkin cake with honey cream cheese frosting
pumpkin cake with honey cream cheese frostingif you love pumpkin the way i love pumpkin, you are gonna love this. this cake and frosting are excellent! Read More
sweet & salty cake
this cake met every expectation i had and then some. i used a different recipe for the cake because i have one i love and the baked recipe makes a three layer cake which i thought was overkill. i made everything else from the baked recipe. this was not an easy cake for me to make as i seem to be cursed when it comes to caramel but it was worth all the effort. the balance of the sweet & salty flavors is perfection. the cake itself is pure decadence but with fleur de sel and caramel it puts it into a whole other world.  Read More
vanilla layer cake with berries and whip cream
vanilla layer cake with berries and whip creami love that this cake uses whip cream as a frosting. i am not a big frosting fan but i love whipped cream. the whipped cream is light and not too sweet and the lightness is a perfect combination with the delicate berries and the vanilla cake. i added some lemon zest to the cake to boost the flavor and increased the vanilla a bit. between the layers of vanilla cake the combination of the berry whip cream and the macerated berries is perfect. you get the big flavors of the berries and the creaminess of the whip cream. a pretty darn good combination in my opinion. this cake is reminiscent of strawberry shortcake. Read More
vanilla pound cake
this recipe is adapted from dorie greenspan's book baking from my home to yours. its like the baking bible. i just added a bit more flavor. Read More

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