breadlemon brioche rolls
lemon brioche rollsthis broiche dough is nice - it is eggy and buttery. these rolls are a good balance of lemon and brioche. i would make them again. i would definately add an egg wash to the tops before baking to crisp up the exteriror a bit more and i would take the time to make the lemon curd. might as well do it right! Read More
monkey bread
monkey breadi wasn't sure that to think of monkey bread - honestly i had never of it before and because there were no photographs with the recipe i wasn't sure what to expect. it is one of my favorite things i have ever made! i have since seen other monkey bread recipes that use pre-made dough - don't do this! spend the time to make this dough. it is buttery and perfect. i don't think i even need to address rolling the dough in cinnamon, sugar and butter as that is never a bad thing and the simple glaze is the perfect "frosting" for the bread. it is amazing - you need to make this monkey bread. Read More
parmesan pull-apart rolls
parmesan pull-apart rolls when i went to check on my parmesan pull-aparts halfway through the baking time- i opened the oven door a crack and was nearly knocked over by the incredible smell. i wish there was a way to make a scratch-n-sniff sticker to put on this recipe. the yeast and the parmesan - oh dear - it was incredible.

the results were equally as divine. the smell was amazing - the texture was perfect - and the thin layer of crust was perfect. Read More
soft pretzels
soft pretzelsi am a bit at a loss for words to describe these little chubby soft pretzels. amazing ... wonderful ... perfect ...heavenly ... they all kind of work but don't quite encompass how completely ridiculous these little guys are. yea they take some time and love but my god are they astonishing! the outside gets crispy and brown and the inside is perfectly chewy. i will never be able to eat another ball park pretzel again. these are in a whole other league. Read More
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